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No Setup Fee

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No Contract

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No Hidden Fee

Fees Per Ticket

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Fees Per Ticket Comparison

Fees Type Fear Ticket Eventbrite Ticket Leap
Fix Fee per Ticket $0.35 $0.99 $1.00
Ticket Amount % 0.0% 2.50% 2.00%
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Per Ticket Savings with Fear Ticket

Ticket Value Fear Ticket Fee Eventbrite Fee Ticket Leap Fee Min. Savings Per Ticket*
$10 Ticket $0.35 $1.24 $1.20 $0.85  (70.83%)
$15 Ticket $0.35 $1.36 $1.30 $0.95  (73.07%)
$20 Ticket $0.35 $1.49 $1.40 $1.05  (75%)
$25 Ticket $0.35 $1.61 $1.50 $1.15  (76.66%)
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