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$0.50 per Ticket
FREE at Box-Office

OUR MODEL IS SIMPLE: 50 Cents Flat Fee on Each ticket Sale (Weekly Billing)

100% Free
for Free Events

No Fee for Free Events when Ticket Price is $0.00.

Charge Service Fee and Keep it all

Collect the customised service fee and get into your account. Generate additional revenue.

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to start

No Contract, Subscription, or Other Fee to get started. No fee until you get paid for online ticketing.

Get Paid Directly
from Ticket Buyers

Integrate your own merchant gateway account to get paid directly. No wait to receive payment.

Free Box-Office

Box-Office App is 100% Free to use for Box-Office Ticketing & for check-in attendee.

Best Payment Gateways

Use Square, Stripe, CardConnect or for the most secure and safe online transactions.

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