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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! Ticketing fee on Fear Ticket is the lowest ever just 35 Cents per ticket sold that helps to save more than 70% in compare to all other haunted ticketing platforms. Fear Ticket is the haunted industry’s break through platform only aim to offer lowest ticketing service.
It varied on payment gateway’s processing charge structure with your own merchant account. Usually, the standard fee per transaction 2.9% + 30 Cents or can be lesser as well.
No, there is no other fee for ticketing. No contract fee, No account setup or No maintenance fee.
Fear Ticket is a web based system. Check demo videos links below to lean how it works with live walk through in 3 Parts: Click on link to play video.
Part 1: https://goo.gl/eiOW8Z (Do it Yourself to create free account, Events, Tickets Etc.)
Part 2: https://goo.gl/dGt9Oe (User end view, select event, tickets, add to cart & buy Ticket)
Part 3: https://goo.gl/InywpK (Ticket Scanning app demo for Printed and digital Ticket)
Mainly there are two types of fees apply for online ticketing 1. Ticketing Fees – Cost to use ticketing platform to sell. (So, Fear Ticket fee is just 35 cents per ticket sold, no other fees) 2. Card Payment Processing Fees – cost to use payment gateway to receive payment in your account. (Depend on which payment gateway you are with to receive payment from your ticket buyers, Example: - standard fee per transaction is 2.9% of total amount + 30 cents, can be much lesser too).
Use your own printer to "Print" as many times as you like. Your ticket buyer also receives tickets via email in PDF format too. Use ticket printing as per your requirement.
Refunds and chargebacks are the terms of service with your payment gateway and merchant account. Please check back with payment gateway provider.
Yes, Ticketing account is always free. Fear Ticket only charge ticketing fee per ticket sold. Payment gateway merchant account is required so payment processing cost will apply as per gateway’s terms.
Yes! Merchant account is required for ticketing. Fear Ticket currently supports merchant accounts with Authorize.net and BluePay.
Free tickets are always free for ticketing. No ticketing fee apply.
First time, Fear Ticket team may help you to setup your full account with events and ticket designing or it is "Do it yourself" online with below steps:
  1. Create your free account just with name and email ID.
  2. Enter your organization, events and tickets information
  3. Customize designs for events and tickets. Apply merchant account payment settings in your admin account.
  4. Select desired prepaid package from the billing menu and make a payment to go live or contact us on info@fearticket.com with your ticketing requirements.
Fear Ticket is a prepaid ticketing service based on ticket’s quantity. Just contact on info@fearticket.com about your estimated tickets quantity with payment (each ticket 35 cents multiply with total tickets – minimum 1000) to go live or one can buy prepaid tickets package online to go live respectively.
Use mobile app "FearTicket Scanner" for Apple or Android phone for checks in and ticket scanning. Download Fear Ticket Scanning App from Apple app store for iPhone and from google play store for android phone.
Cash/Checks transaction can be completed by selecting ticket selling point as "sell at box office" just like in person with online option too.

Easy Steps to start selling tickets on fearticket.com


  1. Haunted organizers create free account with just their name and email ID.
  2. They login to their fear ticket account with email ID and password.
  3. Once logged in they enter organizers, events and tickets information.
  4. Customize their event design and tickets in the system as do it yourself or
  5. Alternatively, they contact us on info@fearticket.com to setup and design their events and tickets by fear ticket team.
  6. They setup own payment gateway account with Authorize.net, Card Connect, Stripe or Bluepay
  7. They apply payment settings in the system to receive ticket payment directly into their account
  8. They buy a tickets quantity package for their total tickets to sell and pays per ticket fee for their total tickets. (Example: Total Tickets 2000 X 35 Cents = $700 total fees to pay fear ticket)
Contact on info@fearticket.com for further questions