What's New In 2024


At FEARTICKET, we are working hard to release a new range of features regularly. So you get the best solution to manage your events.

We're excited to update you on the below features for this Halloween season 2024.
  • HYTIX Payments

    In association with the Stripe, HYTIX offers tailor-made payment processor which comes with the best practices & optional fraud control configurations to minimize chargebacks.

  • Customer Management System

    Access a comprehensive list of all your customers across all events at your fingertip. Identify your top spenders and leverage this information for targeted marketing campaigns. Plus, pinpoint one-time attendees to personalize special offers and incentives, maximizing your event’s success.

  • Mailchimp Integration

    Mailchimp is now integrated with FEARTICKET! Sync attendee details from your FEARTICKET events directly to your Mailchimp account for enhanced event marketing. With this integration, all unique attendee details with your event’s tag will be synced, empowering you to create targeted email campaigns and maximize event success via Mailchimp.

  • QR Codes to Streamline the Ticketing Process

    Generate and share the QR Code to make attendees’ experience smooth:

    • Event Ticketing Website: Simplify ticket purchases for attendees.

    • Upgrade Orders: Let attendees scan the QR Code for a quick order upgrade without lengthy instructions.

    • Discount Coupons: Share discounts for a particular ticket effortlessly.

    • Exclusive Events: Let your specific audiences reserve tickets for the exclusive event.

  • Private Booking

    Let your attendees reserve the entire slot for exclusive, private escape game experiences. Whether it's a private escape room adventure or a open booking, our platform offers exclusive options for unforgettable experiences.

  • Chatbot

    Get instant assistance and answers to all your questions from event setup to real-time MIS reports, making your event setup experience smoother and more efficient.

  • Selfie Ticket

    The photo-id verification feature will let attendee upload their photo ensuring secure entry while ticket verification. With streamlined entry and anti-fraud measures, it enhances security and attendee satisfaction, making event planning smoother.

  • New Event Template

    This Halloween season, FEARTICKET will offer you a complete new ticketing page design experience with new ticketing page layouts.

  • Boca Printer Support

    FEARTICEKT supports Lemur series thermal printers which are designed to work in multiple environments & purposes like bulk print (Pre-Printed) or print on demand (Box-Office). It is available with a variety of connection interfaces like standard Serial & USB and optional like Ethernet, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi.

  • Advance Pricing Mechanism

    In FEARTICET you can manage the pricing with several options. Simple Pricing, Rules-Based Pricing, and Dynamic Price.

  • FEARTICKET Booking App Live on Play/ App store

    With the FEARTICKET Booking App, the ticket buyers can seamlessly purchase tickets for the events directly from their mobile devices. The app provides a convenient platform where users can view and manage all their orders, access tickets for past and upcoming events, and even mark favourite events for quick access. Share the following download links:

    iTune Get it on Google Play

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