What's New In 2023


At FEARTICKET, we are working hard to release a new range of features regularly. So you get the best solution to manage your events.

We're excited to update you on the below features for this Halloween season 2023.
  • HYTIX Payments

    In association with the Stripe, HYTIX offers tailor-made payment processor which comes with the best practices & optional fraud control configurations to minimize chargebacks.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Offer Gift Vouchers options to the buyers to gift their loved ones some fun.

  • Slot Booking for Escape Game

    To justify the Escape Game/Room's need, we have introduced slot booking to booking where one can book a whole slot for private fun.

  • Boca Printer Support

    FEARTICEKT supports Lemur series thermal printers which are designed to work in multiple environments & purposes like bulk print (Pre-Printed) or print on demand (Box-Office). It is available with a variety of connection interfaces like standard Serial & USB and optional like Ethernet, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi.

  • Advance Pricing Mechanism

    In FEARTICET you can manage the pricing with several options. Simple Pricing, Rules-Based Pricing, and Dynamic Price.

  • Dependent Tickets

    This Halloween season you can use the dependent tickets feature. This feature helps you to control the sales of a (child) ticket which is dependent on another (parent) ticket.

  • Shared Pooling

    Share the quantity among two or more tickets. i.e., control the sales of Ticket-A and Ticket-B in a combined quantity.

  • Waiting List

    Allow ticket buyers to register themself for a waiting list to get notified when tickets are available.

  • Crowd Management

    The alert & notification module gives you the capability to send a real-time notification to proceed for the check-in. This makes it easier to manage the crowd at the venue.

  • New Event Template

    This Halloween season, FEARTICKET will offer you a complete new ticketing page design experience with new ticketing page layouts.

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